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Le 23/12/2013 @ 07:58

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This is the end - par Miss Kahel & 3eme2 le 28/03/2013 @ 13:11


(Malheureusement, voici la fin de la période d'Emily parmi nous et les élèves de 3eme2 ont décidé d'écrire un article sur son expérience en France et à François Legros. Nous lui souhaitons bonne chance pour la suite et espérons qu'elle ne nous oubliera pas.)


Sadly, Emily's time among us has come to an end and the students of the 3eme2 have decided to write an article about her experience in France and François Legros.

We wish her all the best for her future life and we hope she won't forget us.

Emily liked eating Kebabs. She admitted she couldn't find any in the USA. She also loved Champagne, the Tram and public transports in general. Everything except French administration that took forever. For exemple "la CAF", it's really complicated.
She really enjoyed François Legros, students are very chatty and fun to be around.

She enjoyed Paris and the Eiffel tower even though she didn't go to the top.

She enjoyed speaking French beacuse it improved her English vocabulary because both languages are quite similar.

She missed her family but she thinks it was harder for her family.

She liked French people who were quite nice.
She also enjoyed travelling. She went to Spain, Portugal, Belgium and she expects to go to Italy and Aix en Provence.

She lived in the school, in a flat.

Her favourite town in France...Well she loved Reims but Aix en Provence is sunnier. She used to like winter and snow but not anymore. This winter was particularly long.

She's sad to leave. She likes France and had fun.

She visited the Cathedral, the museum of the "Beaux Arts", the museum of the Reddition. She also took a lot of photos.

She went dancing in a club in Reims. The "Atrium" was really fun.

She didn't attend to a football match but she intends to before she leaves.

She has never been to  the funfair but expects to go too.

After this year, she will probably work and continue her studies.

In comparison to the United States, François Legros was similar in a sense to American schools but there were differences. For example the lunch break is only 30 minutes long in the US and the days are shorter.

As far are the cities are concerned, she appreciated the town centres in France, which is not really common in the USA.

Life is much more expensive in France.

As her sister is getting married soon, she bought her a bottle of Champagne and pink biscuits. She also bought a plastic bow ring which can't be found in the USA. She also wants to buy a Tagine thing.

In the evening she was able to eat at her place but she tried the restaurants called "Louise", "Les 3 Brasseurs".

She hopes, one day, to come back to France but she would like to discover other countries before coming back.

She went to the cinema and watched "OZ", "The Impossible", "Life of Pi", "the Hobbit",...

She liked the shops, a vintage shop called "Hippy" or "Happy day"?...

She discovered French music: Woodkid, Olivia Ruiz, BB Brunes, KeenV

She watched TV a little bit. She watched Yolo, Engrenages, Soda.

To conclude, She had a wonderful time in France. She met wonderful students and did many things that she would never have done otherwise."

Thank you Emily.




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